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Wind Mitigations

How Can You Get a Discount on Homeowners Insurance?

Schedule a wind mitigation inspection in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Ellenton and Palmetto Florida

Are you frustrated by high homeowners insurance premiums in Florida? Did you know that you could save money by scheduling a wind mitigation inspection? If your home is protected by wind-resistant features, your insurance company may give you a discount on coverage.

LeeWay Home Inspection does wind mitigation inspections in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Ellenton and Palmetto Florida. We can provide you with the documentation you need to apply for a discount on storm damage insurance. Call 813-344-7053 now to schedule a home inspection.

Our home inspector can document your wind-resistant features

Wind-resistant features can help you save on your insurance payments now and save on repairs in the future. When you schedule a wind mitigation inspection with us, we’ll look closely at several areas of your home, including the:

  • Roof
  • Windows
  • Doors

Want to save on storm damage insurance? Contact LeeWay Home Inspection today to schedule a visit from our wind mitigation inspector.