LeeWay Home Inspection

Mold Testing Service

LeeWay Home Inspection offers two different mold services:


Mold Screening

Mold screening can be conducted during the course of a home inspection when there is already a known or suspected mold issue. This may involve air sample testing or swab testing of suspected mold areas, and always includes a written report with our findings.


Mold Inspections 

A mold inspection is conducted to help determine the following: 

  • The cause of known mold problems
  • The extent of mold problems
  • The steps needed to clean up and correct a mold problem

The value of a Mold Inspection is in the building science: what is the cause of the moisture and how can it be fixed? A lab report which simply identifies the quantities and types of mold will not do this. Mold inspections are also helpful to determine whether or not a mold problem exists. Mold inspections include the following steps:

  • A pre-screening phone call to the occupant from our Mold Inspector
  • A visual inspection of the exterior and interior including the attic, both looking and smelling for signs of moisture damage and/or mold growth.
  • Take temperature and humidity readings inside.
  • Inspect the heating, cooling, and ventilation systems for sources of concern.
  • Investigating the cause of the moisture that led to mold growth
  • Use of an infrared camera to help determine temperature anomalies that could lead to, or are caused by, moisture problems
  • Moisture testing
  • Mold spore trap sampling (air samples): 1 on the exterior as a baseline and 2 on the interior, with the locations to be determined by the inspector.
  • Produce a written report with recommendations. 

For more information about mold, please visit www.floridahealth.gov/environmental-health/mold/index.html