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Is Your Home Still Under Warranty?

Arrange for a builder’s warranty inspection in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Ellenton and Palemetto Florida

If your home is less than a year old, it’s not too late to schedule a builder’s warranty inspection. Many homeowners arrange for this kind of inspection after living in a newly-constructed home for 11 months. This is an ideal time to check for structural issues and construction flaws before your warranty expires.

You can count on our experienced home inspector for 11-month warranty inspections in Tampa Bay, Sarasota, Ellenton and Palemetto Florida. Contact LeeWay Home Inspection today to arrange for service.

You shouldn’t have to pay for construction flaw repairs

Warranty inspections can help avoid costly repairs down the road. If we find any issues during the inspection, you won’t be responsible for repair costs since your home is still under warranty. Some homeowners don’t discover construction flaws until it’s too late – but when you schedule a builder’s warranty inspection, you can catch issues ahead of time.

Your homebuilder might not give you a courtesy call to remind you that it’s time for your 11-month warranty inspection – so if you’ve recently bought a new home, put a reminder in your calendar now.

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